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Whenever I’m on the hunt for new music I usually emerge triumphantly with a few gems under my belt. Yay me! Right? Well, kind of… personally, I find the social experience of sharing music with others much more satisfying than listening alone. Thankfully, in these moments when I find myself listening to songs in circles, mid-song screenshots, the trusty Friend Activity bar (Spotify users where you at!), and the classic pleas for ‘track id?!?!’ are my saving grace.  What on earth would we do without the internet? Now don’t get me wrong, my vinyl collection is my pride and joy, but you can’t deny streaming platforms keep the game of finders-sharers interesting. Continue reading “…And the discovery of the Month goes to – PHOX!”


40 ACTS. 5 Cities. 10 months.


2016 was an interesting year – period. But for music, the live scene in particular, it was bloody brilliant!  To say anything less than I overindulged, pouring most of my hard earned dollar into festival and gig tickets would be, well…simply untrue. I have always had a great love for music. I guess you could say it stems in part from growing up in a musical family and being a performer myself, but unlike previous years with a gig every so often I definitely kicked it up a notch!

It started with Outlines, a day festival in the heart of Sheffield, showcasing a variety of music from up and coming and established artists, and ended with Laura Mvula, performing a in one of Sheffield’s most iconic live venues, The Leadmill.

The in between looked a little like this:

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